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NIU loses to Minnesota during their first meeting (1988)

Strasser busts open the game vs Fresno St (1990)

NIU fans celebrate upset win over Fresno St (1990) 

Finlen to Hill late in 4th vs the Illini (2001) 

Turner burns past the Illini for a big gainer (2001)  

Fox Sports Net Intro for Wake @ NIU 2002 opener (2002) 

Turner KO Return for TD vs Wake Forest (2002)

Haldi to Dunker vs Wake Forest (2002)

Diving TD grab by Sheldon as Huskies rally vs Wake (2002)

Hammock TD/Perry 2-pt conversion vs Wake Forest (2002)

Azar forces OT vs Wake Forest (2002)

NIU stops Wake at goal line to win (2002)

Haldi to Hurd big gainer vs Miami U (2002)

Big run by the Burner cuts into Miami U lead (2002)

Diving grab by Sheldon vs Miami U (2002)

Turner TD ties the game vs Miami U (2002)

Haldi to Sheldon to complete Huskie comeback vs Miami U (2002)

Big late run by Turner finishes Miami U (2002)

Justin Dole picks off BG (2002) 

Haldi to Sheldon to give NIU lead over BG (2002) 

FSN Turner-for-Heisman sideline report (2002) 

Sheldon big punt return vs BG (2002) 

Huskies final stop vs BG on 4th down (2002)

Huskies defeat nationally ranked BG (2002) 

Sheldon puts Bama away (2003) 

Huskies upset the Tide (2003) 

Fox Sports Net - NIU/Maryland intro (2003) 

Azar nails 52 yrd FG vs Maryland (2003) 

2nd qtr TD drive vs Maryland (2003) 

Haldi to Sheldon for TD in OT vs Maryland (2003)

Huskies beat Maryland (2003)

ESPNEWS highlight package for Maryland game (2003) 

NIU @ Buffalo IHS highlights (2003) 

Turner big run vs UT (2003)

Huskies rally Haldi-Fleck TD vs UT (2003)

3rd and 33 vs UT (2003)

Sheldon punt return vs SIU (2004)  

Perez catch followed by Wolfe TD catch vs SIU (2004) 

Haldi-Perez-Sheldon connection vs SIU (2004) 

ESPN2 intro for BG game (2004)

Ray Smith drills Sharon (2004)

Wolfe TD run vs BG (2004)

Wolfe TD run vs BG again (2004)

Sheldon long TD Homecoming vs CMU (2004)

One of Wolfe's TD runs Homecoming vs CMU (2004)

Huskies recover CMU fumble on kickoff (2004)

Wolfe TD vs Troy in SVB (2004)

Conclusion of SVB (2004)

Huskies first 2 plays from scrimmage in home opener vs TTU (2005)

Hurd TD vs TTU (2005)

Powers big time YAC and TD vs TTU (2005)

AJ Harris long TD run to finish off TTU (2005)

Huskies farewell to Bruce (2005)

Utschig INT vs UT (2005)

Wolfe helps end the UT/Glass Bowl curse (2005)

Ray Smith knocks out Moore (2005)

Huskies beat UT (2005)

Huskies/WMU ESPN2 intro (2005)

Huskies beat WMU to win West (2005)

Coach Joe Novak retires (2007)

NIU 2007 Football Intro Video (2007)

Top 20 plays of 2007

Meco Brown punt return vs Miami (2008)

ESPN2 Intro, NIU @ #16 Ball State (2008)

The NIU Touchdowns of 2008 (2008)

Coach Novak interview during halftime of Akron game (2009)

ESPN Sportscenter Top 10 Plays - Davis kickoff return vs EMU #1 (2009)

ESPN plus short segment on NIU famous running backs (2010)

Coach Doeren introduced as the 21st Head Coach of Huskie football (2010)

Moore’s controversial catch reversal late in 2nd qtr of NIU @ KU (2011)

NIU/Toledo band incident (2011)

Sportscenter opening after NIU win vs UT (2011)

Lynch 6/12 CSN interview – throws out first pitch (2014)



NIU 2007 Basketball Intro Video (2007)

Replay of Hart dunk vs. Arkansas-Little Rock (2007)

NIU upsets Akron (2008) 

ESPN Sportscenter Top 10 Plays - Hall halfcourt shot vs Illinois #1 (2009)

NIU/Illinois basketball highlights (2009)

NIU/Tennessee State basketball highlights (2009)

NIU defeats CMU for first MAC victory in Coach Montgomery era (2012)

NIU/CMU post game press conference (2012)